Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What makes you think you're a great Chef? by Mr. Juan Carlos Teston Padua

Norazwan Wahid greatness for me comes by recognition from others.no one is truly great when he always think he is.
Peter Chan you must be a good eater!
Nuraisyah Kamaruddin pass food blind test..;)
Robin Ang Jr all people also think their own is a best chef thr cooking how good how delicious it r but if really a great chef thr should pass 3 stage in a food..
1.eye(to c the either it spoil o not)
2.hand(to fell it sticky o not)
3.nose(to smell it either is smelly o not)
dis is the 3great stage to pass a food then thr r the great chef..
Peng Looi I hope nobody here thinks he/she is a great chef unless you are the nearly electricuted arrogant Bobby Flay. There is certainly no best chef as some polls/magazines may indicate. Every good chef has it's own specialty and angle on food. A chef is just a cook who can teach and lead. Without a well trained and disciplined team, the chef is nobody!
Juan Carlos Teston Padua Im certain that everyone is a good cook. Honestly everyone can cook. The only thing that separates a good cook from a great cook is the amount of knowledge he/she has put to use in his or her daily cooking. And how he or she put their knowledge to use. one of my lecturer told me yesterday that money dont last but knowledge is what you bring to the grave. and everyday is a learning process.
Peng Looi you would be surprised how many out there who cannot cook(which is great for us in the culinary business). had a friend once who was doing a simple cook out with his girlfriend. While grilling he had to go to the bathroom and and asked his companion to keep an eye on the steak. She did exactly that and he dumped the very charred steaks and her at the same time.
Juan Carlos Teston Padua Just for the record. Cooking is learning and it will never end. No one knows everything because everyday Culinary evolves to something better then yesterday.
Source : Chef Association of Malaysia Group (Facebook) 

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